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Private Investigators who specialize in computer forensics and high technology civil and criminal cases are commonly referred to as the "high tech PI's." The field of computer forensics is a broad term representing techniques and procedures that allow the client to obtain computer related evidence from computers and other high tech devices.  The Computer Foreniscs P.I. "gets the data" for you, and helps you get into court with that data as EVIDENCE.
Your best Private Investigator "value" is to hire a P.I. with general practice AND computer forensics, high technology skills.  Such well-rounded skills keep your extra P.I. costs lower.   Obtaining Computer Forensics and regular P.I. skills is an all-in-one cost effective hiring decision. Expertise is also here to help remove the unlicensed or unqualified computer forensics expert from your case.

 With a collection of computer forensics hardware and software he or she will serve as a general practice P.I. and the computer forensics expert. Ask P.I.'s in general practice and they will all tell you they get involved in computer related evidence on almost every case, but few have the expertise, training, and equipment to handle those parts of the case. We have that equipment and years of law enforcement training and experience.

We have qualified in court as computer forensics investigation experts on several occasions.


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